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12th Arts English Important Objective Question 2021

12th English VVi Objective Question 12th Arts VVi Objective Question Class 12th English VVI Objective Question Class 12th Important Objective Question 2021 12th Arts English Important Objective Question 2021 12th Arts English Important Objective Question 2021

1. What do you think ……… Susan ? (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) at


(B) in


(C) off


(D) about


Ans- D

2. It’s not ………. to go. (Choose the best option)


(A) such a long way.


(B) a such way long


(C) a long way such


(D) a way long such


Ans- A

3. Choose the correct sentence


(A) I am not used to shouting.


(B) I am not used to shout.


(C) I am not used over shout


(D) I am not used by shouting.


Ans- B

4. Choose the correctly spelt word-


(A) Employed


(B) Emplyd


(C) Empliyed


(D) Implyd


Ans- A

5. ………I open my window? (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)


(A) Ought


(B) Have


(C) Should


(D) Must


Ans- B

6. He asked the child if he wanted balloons. (Choose the best option)


(A) “Did you want balloons?” he said to the child.


(B) “Do you want balloons ?” he asked the child


(C) He shouted, “Do you want balloons?”


(D) He enquired, “Did you want balloons?”


Ans- B

7. I enjoyed…….. them again. (Choose the best option)


(A) see


(B) to see


(C) seeing


(D) had seen


Ans- B

8. I…… classes. (Choose the best option.)


(A) not enjoy


(B) doesn’t enjoy


(C) don’t enjoy


(D) am not enjoying


Ans- D

9. …….. to London by train yesterday? (Choose the best option)


(A) Did Mary went


(B) Mary go


(C) Did Mary go


(D) Mary goes


Ans- C

10. It cannot be denied ………. will produce good results. (Choose the best option)


(A) Working hard


(B) Working so hard


(C) Working such hard


(D) Hardly work


Ans- A

11. That which cannot be avoided. (Choose the correct single word)


(A) Inevitable


(B) Incomparable


(C) Irreparable


(D) Indisputable


Ans- A

12. What you been doing? (Choose the best option)


(A) was


(B) will


(C) have.


(D) should


Ans- C

13. Did you remember……… letter? (Choose the most meaningful expression)


(A) post


(B) posting


(C) to post


(D) to posting


Ans- C

14. I’m really sorry……. you. (Choose the meaningful expression)


(A) hit


(B) to hitting


(C) hitting


(D) for hitting


Ans- D

15. Choose the correce sentence-


(A) He can run fast


(B) He can run fastly


(C) He must run fastly


(D) He had ran fast.


Ans- A

16. Choose the correctly spelt word


(A) Benificial


(B) Beneficial


(C) Beneficil


(D) Benifical


Ans- B

17. Grandma is arriving…….. the 3:30 pm train. (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) at


(B) over


(C) by


(D) on


Ans- C

18. My friend said, “I am leaving today”. (Choose the best option)


(A) My friend said that he is leaving today.


(B) My friend said that he was leaving today.


(C) My friend said he leaves today.


(D) My friend said that he was leaving that day.


Ans- B

19. He went……. in the river nearby. (Choose the best option)


(A) fish


(B) fishing


(C) for fish


(D) to fish


Ans- D

20. She is shocked because she ………. a terrible accident. (Choose the correct tense form)


(A) sees


(B) is seeing


(C) has seen


(D) is going to see


Ans- C

21. We ………… to the cinema last night. (Choose the correct verb form)


(A) had gone


(B) go


(C) went


(D) gone


Ans- A

22. Have my orders been carried out by you? (Choose the best active voice)


(A) Will you carry out my orders?


(B) Have you carried out my orders?


(C) Can you carry out my orders?


(D) Had you carried out my orders?


Ans- D

23. What time……. ? (Choose the best option)


(A) the train leaves?


(B) is the train leaving?


(C) leaves the train?


(D) does the train leave?


Ans- A

24. The train is very crowded. That is usual. (Choose the correct combination)


(A) The train is usually very crowded.


(B) The train will be every crowded.


(C) The train had been very crowded.


(D) The train can be very crowded.


Ans- A

25. He used to ……. in the country. (Choose the best option)


(A) had lived


(B) will live


(C) lived


(D) live


Ans- D

26. It’s important …….. a seat if you want to be sure of it. (Choose the best option)


(A) to book


(B) booking


(C) booked


(D) book


Ans- A

27. We drove the desert. (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) aboard


(B) beyond


(C) across


(D) above


Ans- C

28. Do you understand what I mean? (Choose the best passive voice.)


(A) What I mean is understand by you?


(B) What was I mean understood by you?


(C) What I mean is that understood by-you?


(D) Is what I mean understood by you?


Ans- A

29. Choose the correct sentence-


(A) Your informations are correct.


(B) Your correct are information.


(C) Your information is correct.


(D) Your information has correct.


Ans- C

30. Wasted time ………. returns (Choose the best option)


(A) never


(B) forever


(C) always


(D) must not


Ans- A


31. The sentence, ‘The distinguishing characteristic of modern civilization

is our indefinite multiplicity of want’s is from. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Indian Civilization and Culture


(B) I have a Dream


(C) A Child is Born


(D) The Earth


Ans- A

32. ‘Lamia’ and ‘Hyperion’ are written by- (Choose the correct option)


(A) William Wordsworth


(B) P.B. Shelley


(C) John Keats


(D) S.T. Coleridge


Ans- C

33. Shiga Naoya is a ………. short story writer. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Chinese


(B) Japanese


(C) Malaysian


(D) Korean


Ans- B

34. Snakes were seen among…….. in ‘My Grandmother’s House’ (Choose the correct option)


(A) beds


(B) books


(C) chairs


(D) tables


Ans- B

35. The development of ……… was helped by the introduction of the printing technology. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Middle English


(B) Modem English


(C) Old English


(D) None of these


Ans- B

36. The line ‘Nor in the hope, the world can show A fitter love for me,’ is from ……… (Choose the correct option)


(A) Fire Hymn


(B) To Autumn


(C) Snake


(D) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe.


Ans- D

37. ‘Bharat is my Home’ is written by (Choose the correct option)


(A) Germaine Greer


(B) Shiga Naoya


(C) Pearl S. Buck


(D) Zakir Hussain


Ans- D

38. T.S. Eliot is a ……… poet. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Twentieth century


(B) Seventeenth century


(C) Eighteenth century


(D) Sixteenth century


Ans- A

39. Dorothy L. Sayers says that press is free …………. (Choose the correct option)


(A) everyone


(B) somewhere


(C) nowhere


(D) at most places


Ans- B

40. “Tughlaq’ is written by (Choose the correct option)


(A) Girish Karnad


(B) R.N. Tagore


(C) B.C. Chattopadhyay


(D) S. C. Chatterjee


Ans- A

41. ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Coolie’ are written by (Choose the correct option)


(A) R.K. Narayan


(B) M.R. Anand


(C) B.C. Chattopadhyay


(D) S.C. Chatterjee


Ans- A

42. The word ‘drama’ comes from a word. (Choose the corred option)


(A) Latin


(B) India


(C) Scandinavian


(D) Greek


Ans- D

43. The line’ And the prams go rolling on’ is from (Choose the correct option)


(A) Snake


(B) To Autumn


(C) Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast


(D) Fire Hymn


Ans- C

44. The major linguistic change is known as (Choose the correct option)


(A) Modem English


(B) Old English


(C) The Great Vowel Shift


(D) Printing technology


Ans- D

45. The ‘Romantic Revival’ is often associated with,


(A) John Dryden


(B) Alexander Pope


(C) William Wordsworth


(D) John Milton


Ans- C

46. ‘Leaves of Grass’ is a collection of poem by…….. (Choose the correct option)


(A) John Donne


(B) W. H. Auden


(C) T. S. Eliot


(D) Walt Whitman


Ans- D

47. Lomov wants to marry…….. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Jessica


(B) Natalia


(C) Susan


(D) Florence


Ans- B

48. The line, ‘I think she was the most beautiful lady’ is from- (Choose the correct option)


(A) Snake.


(B) Fire Hymn .


(C) To Autumn


(D) An Epitaph


Ans- D

49. H. E. Beats also worked for some time as a/an……….. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Actor


(B) Singer


(C) Journalist


(D) Librarian


Ans- A

50. Pearl S. Buck had alan family doctor. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Chinese


(B) Indian


(C) African


(D) American


Ans- B

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