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12th English VVI Objective Question 2021

12th English VVI Objective Question Class 12th English VVi Objective Question 12th English Important Objective Question

1.  Why do you tell a lie ? (Choose the best passive voice)


(A) Why a lie is told by you ?


(B) Why is a lie be told by you ?


(C) Why is a lie told by you ?


(D) Why is a lie being told by you?


Ans- c



2. We are taught grammar by Mr. Singh. (Choose the best active voice)


(A) Mr. Singh teaches us grammar.


(B) Mr. Singh teaching us grammar.


(C) Mr. Singh taught us grammar.


(D) Mr. Singh will teach grammar.


Ans- A



3. I……… here since morning. (Choose the correct tense form)


(A) am waiting


(B) have been waiting


(C) had been waiting


(D) will be waiting


Ans- B



4. You have been riding non-stop for hours. You………. be very tired (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)


(A) must


(B) can


(C) ought


(D) would


Ans- D



5. She ran out of the room. She was sereaming. (Choose the correct combination)


(A) She ran to the room screaming


(B) She run out the room screaming


(C) She had run to the room screaming


(D) She ran out of the room screaming


Ans- D



6. ……….you mind standing up for a moment ? (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)


(A) Would


(B) Could


(C) Should


(D) Can


Ans- A



7. I……….. interested in metaphysics. (Choose the correct verb form)


(A) am always


(B) have always been


(C) had always been


(D) will always been


Ans- B



8. He said, “I have got a toothache”. (Choose the correct indirect narration)


(A) He says he has got a toothache.


(B) He said he have a toothache .


(C) He said that he had got a toothache.


(D) He had said that he got a toothache.


Ans- C



9. She thanked me. (Choose the correct direct narration)


(A) She said to him, “Thank you”.


(B) She says to him, “Thank you”.


(C) She say to me, “Thank you”.


(D) She said to me, “Thank you”.


Ans- D



10. My brother did not…….. her. (Choose the meaningful expression)


(A) Chose


(B) Choosing


(C) Choose


(D) Chosen


Ans- C



11. …… a very high speed is  dangerous. (Choose the meaningful



(A) Driving Cars


(B) Cars driven


(C) Drive Cars


(D) Cars driving


Ans- A

12. she…….. six books on Indian Mythology. (Choose the meaningful expression)


(A) have written


(B) has written


(C) will written


(D) be written


Ans- B

13. This material is different that. (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) to


(B) with


(C) at


(D) from


Ans- A

14. He climbed………the ladder. (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) at


(B) on


(C) of


(D) in


Ans- B

15. He has been absent…….. Monday. (Choose the correct preposition)


(A) since


(B) for


(C) from


(D) by


Ans- A

16. Choose the correct sentence :


(A) Sid can play Tennis as good as his brother.


(B) Sid will play Tennis is well as his brother.


(C) Sid can play Tennis as well as his brother.


(D) Sid had played Tennis as good his brother.


Ans- C

17. Choose the correct sentence-


(A) I have a home work to do.


(B) I have home work to do.


(C) I will have home work to do.


(D) I having home work to do.


Ans- B

18. Choose the correct sentence :


(A) That was sure a mistake.


(B) This was a sure mistake.


(C) That may be sure a mistake.


(D) That was surely a mistake.


Ans- D

19. He…….if we had taken our food. (Choose the best option)


(A) asked


(B) asks


(C) will ask


(D) had ask


Ans- A

20. All depends on……the examination. (Choose the best option)


(A) has passing


(B) will passing


(C) his passing


(D) had passing


Ans- C


21. You…….. not go to attend the meeting. (Choose the best option)


(A) can


(B) need


(C) may


(D) would


Ans- B

22. When Radha……. back, she will sleep. (Choose the best option)


(A) will come


(B) comes


(C) came


(D) has come


Ans- B

23. Would you mind……. to my house, please ? (Choose the best option)


(A) to come


(B) have come


(C) came


(D) coming


Ans- D

24. She is…….. most beautiful girl. (Choose the best article)


(A) an


(B) a


(C) the


(D) no article required


Ans- C

25. My sister……. a dress for her birthday last week. (Choose the best option)


(A) buy


(B) buyed


(C) will buy


(D) bought


Ans- D

26. Kamlesh has been……. his house for a few days. (Choose the best



(A) repired


(B) repairing


(C) had repaired


(D) will repair


Ans- B

27. Sita fell………  rickshaw. (Choose the bestt option)


(A) from


(B) of


(C) down


(D) off


Ans- C

28. You can do it……… (Choose the best option)


(A) yourself


(B) himself


(C) herself


(D) themselves


Ans- A

29. Choose the correct spelling:


(A) families


(B) famalies


(C) famillies


(D) famlies


Ans- A

30. What time does the bus……… central London ? (Choose the best



(A) leave to


(B) leave for


(C) leave at


(D) leave in


Ans- B


31. ‘There is a house now far away where once I received love’ is from the

poem :


(A) Song of myself


(B) Ode to Autumn


(C) My Grandmother’s House


(D) Snake


Ans- C

32. The Soldier is a……. poem. (Choose the correct option)


(A) love


(B) happy


(C) nature


(D) war


Ans- D

33. Kamala Das is……… poetess. (Choose the correct option)


(A) American


(B) Indian


(C) African


(D) Nigerian


Ans- B

34. ‘Fire-Hymn’ is composed by:

(Choose the correct option)


(A)D. H. Lawrence


(B)K. N. Daruwala


(C)T. S. Eliot


(D) W. B. Yeats


Ans- B

35. ‘I celebrate myself and sing myself—is written by (Choose the correct option)


(A) Walt Whitman


(B) W. H. Auden


(C) J. Keats


(D) W. B. Yeats


Ans- A

36. The word drama comes from a word. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Latin


(B) Scandinavian


(C) Greek


(D) American


Ans- C

37. The snake looked at the poet. (Choose the correct option)


(A) happily


(B) confusingly


(C) sadly


(D) vaguely


Ans- D

38. The speaker in ‘Fire-Hymn’ belongs to…….. religion. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Indian


(B) African


(C) Zoroastrian


(D) Nigerian


Ans- C

39. Macavity is full of …… (Choose the correct option)


(A) happiness


(B) sadness


(C) selfishness


(D) deceitfulness


Ans- D

40. ‘The Scholar Gipsy’ has been written by : (Choose the correct option)


(A) Matthew Arnold


(B) W. B. Yeats


(C) Robert Bridges


(D) J. M. Synge


Ans- A

41. Seibi was a twelve year old boy. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Chinese


(B) Japanese


(C) African


(D) Indian


Ans- B

42. Our ancestors injoyed Rule. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Nice


(B) Society


(C) Home


(D) Nation


Ans- C

43. Martin Luther King dislikes discrimination. (Choose the correct option)


(A) caste


(B) sex


(C) religion


(D) racial


Ans- D

44. Lomov is a man of…….. temperament. (Choose the correct option)


(A) happy


(B) Negative


(C) sad


(D) nervous


Ans- D

45. Bertrand Russell was a Philosopher and a……… (Choose the correct option)


(A) historian


(B) scientist


(C) mathematician


(D) geologist


Ans- A&C

46. ……… is called the father of the modern novel. (Choose the correct



(A) Richardson


(B) Fielding


(C) Johnson


(D) Dryden


Ans- A

47. ……..are rulers of ancient Egypt. (Choose the correct option)


(A) Americans


(B) Africans


(C) Iranians


(D) Pharaohs


Ans- D

48. Pearl S. Buck is an……… writer. (Choose the correct option)


(A) American


(B) Indian


(C) Iranian


(D) African


Ans- A

49. ‘I Have a Dream’ is a speech delivered by……… (Choose the correct option)


(A) Germaine Greer


(B) Shiga Naoya


(C)H. E. Bates


(D) Martin Luther King Jr


Ans- D

50. Nanukaka was the narrator’s……….. (Choose the correct option)


(A) maternal uncle


(B) father


(C) cousin


(D) mother


Ans- A

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